Hedsor Hall Update: Kim Is 100k Richer And 1000x Smarter!

After weeks of watching poorly behaved party girls make somewhat feeble attempts at becoming proper ladies (e.g. wearing plaid skirts instead of hot pants and describing themselves as "glamour models" instead of Internet porn stars), The Girls of Hedsor Hall came to a surprisingly moving close this weekend as Kimberly was crowned the winner.

Unlike a lot of the other contestants, Kim took (almost) every challenge seriously and rose to (almost) every occasion, and we're pretty psyched that she was the one to be awarded the 100k.

We reached out to Kim recently to see how her life's been going post Hedsor Hall. Check out her update below!

The most frequent question I get asked since I've been home from Hedsor Hall is, "So are you a lady now?" My response is always "of course," sometimes jokingly followed by a "When wasn't I?"

My main goals going into the show were to learn how to control my drinking and get a greater sense of maturity. I can definitely say that I reached both of those goals. Although there was nothing specific that went on during my stay in Hedsor Hall to help control my drinking, being there just made me realize that it was time to take matters into my own hands and try to help myself. I'm not going to lie and say I don't drink or go out and party anymore. However, I never want to be, or intend to be, a blackout girl lifting her dress in the street and falling all over herself, as all of you got to see.

I've also recently been preparing more for the future. Although I already have a business degree, I've been applying to schools to go back and pursue my dream of becoming a teacher.

As far as the $100,000 goes, which I am sure everyone is wondering about, I'll get myself at least one present to start off with, but I decided to put my dream of getting my own place on hold for the moment while I pay off student loans and focus on going back to school in the Fall Semester. It might sound boring, but I believe the smartest move I can make right now is to pay my current bills and continue to save for the future.

Five months have now past since Hedsor and I still can't believe I did it, and that it's over. I wouldn't take back a single moment. The whole experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget!