Sure, She's Supportive -- But Is Dawn Que's Own Worst Enemy?

We love ourselves some Dawn around here. But lately, we've been noticing that the Danity Kane alum been giving Que a lot of advice about how to handle his bizness, i.e. the ever-worsening sitch with Day26.

And while she's mostly been right on the money (calming Que down, encouraging him to talk things out with his bandmates), the very fact that she's always there might be part of the reason why the dynamic between Que and the boys shifted in the first place.

At least, that's what Donnie Klang seems to think.

We caught up with Dr. Love in the MTV Newsroom earlier today and asked for his take on all this Day26 drama. And while Donnie admitted he's mostly been trying to stay out of it, he did have one theory: girls almost always equal trouble.

"I used to sing in groups and this used to happen to us when a guy got a girlfriend," Donnie told us. And while he has nothing against Dawn and Que personally ("more power to them") DK suggested that having "a girl in your head" can definitely change the way you deal with conflict.

"She's always gonna have Que's back," he explained. But, according to Donnie, that extra support means Que was fighting battles he ordinarily wouldn't have. Like, say with "that whole dance studio thing."

+ Think Donnie's got a point? Let us know whether you guys think it's time for Dawn to back off!