That Was Fast! Whit And Jay Are Officially Back In Bizness

When the dude you used to date grows up, sheds a few tears and tells you he wants you back, it's generally pretty effective. (Especially when said boy just happens to have impossibly gorgeous eyes and an uber-dreamy Australian accent.)

And since Jay's made it clear he wants more Whitney in his life, it was only a matter of time before the City girl a) realized she wasn't nearly as over him as she thought she was, and b) reversed her stance on public makeouts. Here's the latest relationship update, courtesy of the NYDN:

"Rekindled 'City' stars Whitney Port and Jay Lyon were so into each other on Monday that they didn't even notice when they wandered onto Jennifer Aniston's film set! The canoodling couple walked right into the West Village location of Jen's new comedy, 'The Baster,' but missed seeing the star herself."

Way to go, Whit! We wish all the best to the happy (happily reconciled?) couple -- not that they'll really need it. After all, when you're more interested in making out than in trying to sneak a peek at an A-list movie star, it HAS to be love!