Did Mia Violate Girl Code By Moving In On Jasmine's Man?

It's no secret that we're like crazybananas obsessed with Taking the Stage's Mia. But even we had a little trouble believing her when she insisted she had zero idea that Tyler and Jasmine were even dating.

C'mon, girl, this is HIGH SCHOOL. You don't just hear that a guy is maybe-dating someone else and totally shrug it off. You turn into a crazy cyber-stalker, overanalyzing every post Jasmine's ever written on his Facebook Wall, and having a mini mental breakdown every time he even LOOKS at a member of the opposite sex.

Which isn't to say we don't understand. Admit it: at some point or another, we've all wondered what it'd be like to smooch someone else's boyfriend. (Okay, maybe we didn't actually act on it, but we can't deny the impulse was there.) Mia, we get where you're coming from, and we've all totally been there. You're young, Tyler's hot and his gf's barely ever there!

Problem is? Much as we can relate to Mia's schoolgirl crush, we also see things from Jasmine's point of view. Tyler's totally kissable, but that doesn't exactly excuse Mia putting her lips where they don't belong. And if you've ever been burned by a boy (and trust us, it's no fun), you know it's not always easy to relate to a girl with zero regard for the phrase "relationship status".

+ Think Mia's really in the dark about Tyler and Jasmine? Or is she deliberately moving in on another girl's man? Sound off, and let us know what you think about this steamy high school love triangle!