TTS Poll: Should Jas Forgive -- Or Forget -- Tyler?

Even though we all saw this one coming (duh, it was in the trailer!), it still hurt to watch Jasmine learn the truth about her new, not-so-trustworthy boyfriend. Tyler and Mia, K-I-S-S-I-N-G?? Damn, playa, if you were gonna cheat on your girl, you could've at LEAST waited til y'all were dating for more than one episode!

Still, Tyler IS awfully cute, and he DID super-awkwardly apologize at the end. Which kinda, sorta makes up for humiliating Jas in front of the entire party/school/MTV-watching world. (At least, we'd like to think so.)

+ Does Tyler deserve Jasmine's forgiveness? Or just a swift kick to the you-know-where? Tell us whether you guys think this playa deserves a smackdown -- or another chance to make things right.