Is Audrina Ready To Become Reality Royalty? LC Sounds Off!

Although details are still scarce on Audrina Patridge's rumored reality show, right now we have only one question: what does Lauren Conrad think?! And more importantly, will she be watching? Fortch for us, the soon-to-be Hills alumnus caught up with Entertainment Weekly to dish about her post-show plans (pssst, she's still thinking behind the camera!) and share her thoughts on 'Drina's new starring role.

"To be honest, I really haven't heard that much about it," Lauren told EW. (Um, he-llo, join the club!) 'Course, that didn't stop her from heaping praise on her longtime pal. "She has a pretty interesting life. She's a really cool girl. She's fun to watch," LC observed.

Congratulations, Audrina. You just got the official Lauren Conrad seal of approval! Now, looks like all you need is a network to take the bait ...