Diddy Elopes, Gets Hitched To His HS Sweetheart!?

Ever checked out Diddy's Twitter? If so, you already know that it's a magical place where positivity reigns, everything is possible and the normal rules of punctuation no longer apply. Still, as unpredictable as Diddy (and his tweets) are, we weren't exactly prepared to see news of the Bad Boy CEO's engagement flash across the computer screen late yesterday afternoon.

"Breaking news!!: Its official I’m engaged to my high school sweatheart Robin Jackson!!! Wanted yall to be the 1st to know! I’m happy. Thanks."

And that wasn't all.

"More Breaking NEWS!!!: Its official!! Meet Mr and Mrs SEAN AND ROBIN COMBS!!!! I just left the courthouse!!! :)"

But before you (and Puff's baby mama Kim Porter) seriously start panic, you might wanna go ahead and read this last one.

“Jokes over! April fools!! April fool!! I’m not engaged! Not married! Sorry. Its the only day I get to be a celebrity blog and spread lies:)”

Hear that, ladies? Diddy is still as single (and hilarious) as they come! And personally, we think he should keep up the good work. Hey, maybe for his next Perez-inspired trick, he can draw Microsoft paint boobies all over pix of Day26 with *clever* captions like "NO MORE CATFIGHTS, GIRLZ!"

Or, you know, not.