WTF Happened To T.I.'s: The Reckoning!? MTV News Explains!

If you tuned in last night expecting to see the finale of T.I.'s Road to Redemption, then yesterday just wasn't your day. Due to some boringish tech problems (something about crappy editing software and faulty tape decks?) the episode never actually aired, much to your/our/T.I.'s collective disappointment.

The good news? MTV producers are hoping to reschedule it ASAP, and doing everything possible to show you the powerful footage of T.I.'s painfully honest thoughts on the eve (and in the aftermath) of his sentencing.

** Keep checking back here for more news on Road to Redemption: The Reckoning. We'll update you as soon as there's an official day/time slated for the show's rebroadcast. **

UPDATE: Barring any (more) unforseen disasters, The Reckoning absolutely, positively WILL reair Tuesday, April 7th at 9pm.