Listen To Heidi's New (Girl Power!) Single, 'Look How I'm Doin'

In addition to using Twitter to post about her totally made-up pregnancy, Heidi Montag's also been tweeting about everything from her brand-new single, "Look How I'm Doin'" to the latest Hills goss. And, as it turns out, Heidi's newest song (a how-do-you-like-me-NOW ode to female empowerment/crappy ex-boyfriends) may have been inspired by real life events. Like *ahem* Spencer Pratt's's maybe-infidelity on next season's Hills.

Don't believe us? Peep this recent post by heidimontag, watch the vid for Heidi's Lady Gaga-ish new single and tell us whether you think the song is meant to be a poppy anthem for single ladies -- or a full-on threat to sucky guys!

+ Bonus: Hear which rapper(s) Heidi's been DYING to work with, plus listen to "Your Love Found Me," Heidi's OTHER new song (work it, girl!) at