Twitter Say Wha? Heidi Montag's Preggers?!

Either Heidi Montag is carrying Spencer's lovechild, or she just pulled off the best April Fool's Day hoax of all time. Long story short? Miss Montag just tweeted that she's having a baby!? And it's a .... Pratt! Below, her shocking Twitter update:

"I wanted to tell my twitter friends first.... I am pregnant!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more excited!!! I hope its a boy!"

Um, wha??? Heidi, we know you and Spencer wanted kids ASAP, but we didn't realize you meant, like, rightthisverysecond!

+Think this is for realz? Or did we all just get punk'd?! Tell us whether you guys think Heidi's shopping at Mimi's Maternity ... or just shopping around for a little April Fools publicity.