Hed Count! Who's Just Not 'Final Two' Material?

"The snow is beginning to fall and tonight, so should one of you," chirped Headmistress Harbord, somewhat pretentiously. Moments later, somber-faced Samantha was asked to turn in her pearls on the eve of graduation. Her fatal flaws? An "over-the-top" purple blouse, inedible quail pie (is there any other kind??) and a flower arrangement that Hedsor's headmistress described as "completely inappropriate."

Fortunately, Sam wasn't about to let a couple stodgy old ladies (and one prissy former beauty queen) get her down. Despite the student review board's snide evaluation, Samantha walked out quietly, and left Hedsor with her head held high.

"I'm a little upset that im going home because I wanted this," she admitted in her exit interview, "[but] I'm very proud of how far I came. I feel more confident, I have more respect for myself ... I have become a lady [and] I'm very excited to go home and show everybody the new me ."

Samantha? You might not have won, but you definitely came out of this with a winning attitude. Keep smiling, keep standing tall, and keep on wearing purple. We happen to think it's your best color.