Pssst! Fantasy Factory's Chanel Wants To Be Your Pen Pal!

Don't let the movie star good looks and don't-eff-with-me shades fool you. Our homegirl Chanel, a.k.a. CC, couldn't be any more awesome to her MTV fanboys (and girls). Not only has she agreed to hit us up with the occasional life update, but she's been updating her IAmOnMTV profile daily, collecting guys' phone numbers like it's her job and writing back and forth with her not-so-secret admirers.

And while she's steering clear of Facebook ("too many stalkers,") she's not afraid to dish the dirt. After the zillionth person asked her how she scored the Fantasy Factory/rapping receptionist gig, Chanel finally spilled the beans: "i got the job by being friends with rob & drama."

(Thanks, lady! Now, all we need to do is figure out how to become BFF with Rob Dyrdek!)

And while we do that, you might wanna check out CC's profile, ignore the many, many guys vying for her attention and holla atcha girl! Or be like this dude and create your very own fansite. Hey, that's one way to get her attention ...