Where Are They Now? T.I. Plays Catchup With The 'Redemption' Gang!

On last week's clip show, we got to find out what all the kids have been up to since their episode aired. And earlier this week, T.I. took the time to personally catch up with the Road to Redemption teens in the days before/after his sentencing hearing.

So what's happened since we last saw everyone? Well, according to MTV News, Cynthia's been concentrating on school, Anthony's been making good on his dreams of becoming a chef, Trey's been trying to set a good example for his younger cousins and Pee Wee is back on his feet after sustaining a serious gunshot injury not long after his episode aired.

Of course, in real life, there isn't always a happy ending. In the last couple of days, T.I. revealed that Mario (the AK-47 toting teen from Episode 8) was recently arrested on attempted murder charges. But if we've learned anything from watching Road to Redemption this season, it's that everyone has the capacity to change.

Just ask T.I.