VIDEO: History Of The Hills, Toddler Edition

We're one (excruciatingly long, or is it just us?) week away from the highly anticipated premiere of The Hills (Season 5), and to stir up a little excitement, Lauren Conrad paid a visit last night to MTV's Toronto set and dished some dirt with After Show hosts/Hills aficionados, Jessi and Dan.

Some of the revelations from the Preview Special: Live with Lauren! included:

1) Yes, Audrina and Brody develop a flirtation (and maybe more) during Season 5. No, Lauren isn't jealous ... Brody was so Season 3!

2) Yes, Heidi and LC have another tear-filled reunion. No, that doesn't mean they're back to being BFF, at least not yet.

3) Yes, Lauren and Stephanie Pratt are still pals. No, Steph hasn't stopped sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

But the most insightful part of the show came when the Cutest Toddler On Earth delivered a simplified breakdown of all The Hills drama. Check it: