Bad To The Bone: The Top Five Biggest Bullies In MTV History!

As fun as it is to watch the bad guys get theirs every Sunday night on Bully Beatdown, we gotta admit: we kinda have a soft spot for entertaining jerkfaces like these. Below, our list of the Top Five Biggest (but most beloved!) Bullies in MTV History. As always, feel free to spread the love/hate in the comments.

Coral (RW: Back to New York, RW/RR Challenges): It's easy to stand out as the loud/bossy one on your season of Real World. But coming across as the Queen Bee on one of the Challenges? Now, THAT takes serious skillz. Fortch for Coral, she has the whole package: zero volume control, severe anger management issues AND a major prob with authority. And like the Godfather, if you cross her, there's NO crawling back.

Kristin Cavallari (Laguna Beach): Alpha chick Kristin C. and girl-next-door Lauren Conrad were frenemies before anyone knew Heidi Montag even existed. And while Kristin's in-your-face bawdiness made for good TV (think Bring It On, only blonder), it also helped cement her rep as Le Bitch -- a title KC reclaimed when she set up Lauren's then-BFF with a young man by the name of Spencer Pratt ...

Diddy (Making the Band 4): Being your own boss definitely has its advantages, especially when you happen to be a bit on the control freakish side. And whether Diddy's firing Aubrey O'Day, debasing Da Band or booing Day26, he's ALWAYS the one calling the shots. You don't like how he's running things? Well then, you're free to leave. Otherwise, STFU and do what he says. You're in Diddy's world, now, byotch.

Rob Dyrdek, (Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory): Another dude who's (literally) running the show is FF's resident goofball, Rob Dyrdek. Sure, he seems laid-back ... at first. But don't eff with him, or he'll blur out your face, drag you into Jaws-infested waters or tell everyone he knows that you're doin' the nasty with a crash test dummy. Don't believe us? Just ask his sidekick, Shark Bait ...

Spencer Pratt, (The Hills): Kristin may have gotten Spencer in the (Hills) door, but his feud with LC has escalated to legendary ("You know what you did!!") proportions. 'Course, since one nemesis is never enough, Spencer has also started rivalries with everyone from Holly "Mooch of the Century" Montag to his former BFF, Brody Jenner. And if you think he's all talk and no action, just check out the Hills: Season Five trailer!

HONORABLE MENTION: T.I., (T.I.'s Road to Redemption): If you think all bullies are bad news, you obviously haven't been watching Road to Redemption. The premise? Tip takes extreme measures (think: fake arrests and trips to the cemetery) to show troubled teens why gangbanging = death/jail. Harsh? Maybe, but by the end, most of kids have gotten the message. Hey, turns out, there IS such a thing as "tough love."