Wanna See Drama Get Stuffed? Sign The Petition!

In this week's "greatest moments not aired because they didn't make it" show, visionary/madman Rob Dyrdek convinces his accomplice in crime Chris "Drama" Pfaff to sign a semi-legally binding document granting Rob permission to "stuff [him] and place [him] in the Fantasy Factory" in the event of death by shark attack.

And while Drama (thankfully) survived the Human Shark Bait experiment, we're thinking Rob might've actually been onto something with this whole creepy/taxidermy thing. (No offense to Big Cat or the Farting Dog brigade, but the Factory could definitely use a new mascot, ya know?)

+ Think Stuffed Drama would make the perfect postmortem addition to the FF household? Or is just joking about it totally creeping you out?

All in favor of Drama getting taxidermied after death, sound off (and sign your name) in the comments!