From G's To Wimps: Who's Afwaid Of A Big, Bad Camping Twip?

This week's camping extravaganza on From G's to Gents was tough on our gentlemen-in-training, despite the fact that most of these fellas grew up in the hood. (Seriously, who knew all these hardened gangstas would be shakin' in their Timbalands at the thought of the Great Outdoors?!)

Anywho, after watching the ep, we got to thinking about who we'd like to join us during an overnight wilderness adventure. The only problem? None of these guys are up to snuff.

Teddy would be beautiful to look at, but can't properly read tent-building instructions. Blue would (theoretically) be big and strong enough to protect us, but is terrified of animals and heights. Lank would keep us laughing for days, but couldn't start a fire to save his life. And All In would surely keep us warm at night (pro) but would likely take up the entire tent (con).

Hmm, on second thought, maybe we'd better cancel that camping trip and book ourselves a suite at the Hotel Motel Holiday Inn instead!

+ Got any better ideas? Tell us which G's you'd bring along for the (wilderness) ride.