Snoop Scoop: All Hail The Return Of Limp Bizkit!

Confession: We haven't thought too much about Fred Durst (or Limp Bizkit) since the day the LB frontman became a member of the Celebs Who Accidentally Leaked Their Own Sex Tape club. But there was a time when "Nookie," "Break Stuff" and "Rollin'" all ranked highly on our Songs That Piss Off Our Parents playlist, which is why we're hella psyched that Fred's bringing back the original starting lineup.

Take another look at the historic moment when Mr. Durst officially confirmed Limp Bizkit's back togetherness, and stick around to watch our all-time fave LB video, after the jump.

Tricked you! Our #1 favorite Limp Bizkit song is actually their screamariffic cover of George Michael's "Faith." Check it out, and start counting down the days til the LB reunion tour!