Breaking: Olivia Palermo's BF = Hottest Man Alive!

With all the Olivia bashing that's been going on lately, we wanted to remind you that she has a totally separate life from what you see on The City. Not only is she way more casually dressed in person (we've spotted her in jeans and heard her cop to breaking out the spandex!) but she's also way more chill. And happier! And dating the hottest guy ever.

Check out these pics of Olivia's boyfriend, German male model Johannes Huebl, and hear her explain how she's been edited to seem way bitchier than she really is. And you know what? One look at Huebl's abs (Seriously, LOOK AT THEM!) and we totally believe her! (C'mon, if you were dating The Hotness, would you REALLY waste time thinking about some stupid Elle cover? Didn't think so!)