Is Snoop Ready To Throw Down With Simon Cowell?

Aside from his slapsticky sketch humor and revolving door of celebrity guests, the best thing Snoop has going for him is his total unpredictability. Case in point, this unscripted encounter with Keri Hilson (hey, girl!), in which Snoop tells the "Energy" singer what he'd do if he were ever face-to-face with Simon Cowell on Hip Hop: American Idol.

Snoop: If Simon was a judge on the show that I was on, as an artist trying to get on, I'd make a rap up about him and probably snatch him up out of his tight leather shirt and put hands on him.

Keri Hilson: (speaking in fake British accent): I don't think that is appropriate.

Snoop: Well, let me tell you what IS appropriate, Mr. Simon, since you think you know what is ... (pause) No, some real talk, we need to calm down, I don't want him looking for me, you know what I'm sayin'?

We know what you're sayin'. But FYI, if Simon ever DOES come knocking down your door, we're thinking you (a gangsta rapper and former Long Island Cripp) could probably take him (a tubby/effeminate European) in street fight.

Or even just a staring a contest.