We're Giving Rob Dyrdek A Two-For-One Deal!

Rob Dyrdek is one lucky guy. When he's not blobbing, zip-lining or playing with Beefy's butt, he's busy not listening to his advisors' opinions and humiliating the hot receptionist who would have totally blown him off in high school. (Case and point: Chanel's mandatory freestyle rap.) But is Rob's spending spree getting out of hand?

Whenever we want to buy ourselves a big gift, we imagine our mother's disapproving face, uttering the dreaded "Do you need it?" Clearly, Rob doesn't need anything.

The good news is that Rob's investments have the potential to stretch beyond their original purpose. Here, our list of other uses for all of those frickin' toys...

The Blob: Can double as a giant mattress for sleepovers with the Nitro Circus boys.

Motel Dyrdek: Can also be used as a karaoke/S&M club when entertaining famous friends.

Robot Legs: Chick magnets. (Models dig 'em.) They also make great pirate accessories.

Power Animal Scooter: We hear they make trips to the grocery store more bearable after, hmm, let's say a bone-breaking Blob accident.

Foam Pit: Great place to hide bodies. No one will ever know!

T-Rex: Didn't you know it can fly if you feed it banana peels?