Hedsor Update! Why Jen's Glad She Was Asked To Leave

Scandal rocked Hedsor Hall once again this week as Jen was asked to leave after being accused one too many times of being a drama queen, and uh, dealing out her prescription drugs. We reached out to Jen this week to see if she had some last words about her stay at Hedsor ... and boy did she ever! Read below for her side of the story...

I want to clarify a few things about my departure from Hedsor Hall. First, the Xanax issue: There was no actual proof of me distributing it.... These people were mocking our judicial system!

The reason why I was accused of giving out my prescription medication was because of pure jealousy and determination to get me out of the house by Jenna and Brianna. I guess I was considered a major threat to their chances of winning, so they decided to play dirty. I don't think I have to replay what you just saw on the episode but I would like to say that those accusations were completely false.

Jenna and I did start talking again since the show, and we are cool now, but I still blame Brianna for most of it.

I think the real reason I was asked to leave was because of my health. The day I gave my pearls back, I passed out. I wasn't eating enough at Hedsor, plus I am hyperglycemic and anemic. I was actually relieved that I was asked to leave because I could feel my body shutting down.

I wish I could say I had a great experience doing the show, but it was the complete opposite. The only thing that I got out of it were the lasting friendships I made with some of the girls. I love them and feel blessed to have them in my life now. Everything else about the show was absolutely horrible... I feel like they emotionally abused us, doing everything they could to make us fall apart. The lessons were stupid and held absolutely no relevance to us becoming 'ladies.' (I don't know how defeathering birds or making flower arrangements can honestly change us for the better.)

When I returned to the states, I spent days at a time just sleeping and trying to physically/mentally recover. So for whatever it's worth and however I'm portrayed, I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I was asked to leave. Eventually my life went back to the way it has always been -- fabulous and fun!

As of now, things are good in my life. Fashion Week in NYC just ended, so I'm recovering from all the shows and parties I had to attend. I'm involved in a lot of non-profit and charitable organizations, so I've been going to various benefits along with all the other events that go along with being an "IT" girl in Manhattan.

My main focus is the Make A Wish Foundation, where I currently volunteer as a wish granter. I am so thankful to be part of such an amazing organization that I have been making it my priority to spread the word about MAW.

So that's basically it!! I'm living my life and enjoying every minute of it. I have great friends and family who will be there for me no matter what. At the end of the day, as long as I know the truth and I have the support of the ones I love, that's all I really need or care about.