'Hurricane Kavion' Reminds Day26, Diddy What It's All About

On last night's Making the Band, we got to see a different side of Day26's pretty boy, Will. And as much as we love seeing the wild, shirt-throwing Willie tear it up on stage, he pales in comparison to the caring, affectionate family man who's doing it all for his son.

True, Will probably should've checked with the guys before inviting "Hurricane Kavion" down for a visit, but watching them spend time together -- and seeing the pain in Will's eyes when he had to say goodbye -- was one of the realest moments we've seen on MTB.

Diddy commended WIll for honoring his responsibilities, and we commend him for not losing track of what's really important. "All that [glitz and glamor] is actually nothing compared to the feeling that I got for this guy," he said of his three-year-old son.

Here's to hoping Will, Day26 AND Kavion all keep getting bigger.