Happy Almost Birthday, 'Liv! Here's What You'll Be Getting...

Tomorrow, The City's Olivia Palermo is saying "Toodles!" to 22 and moving into her 23rd year of overprivileged existence. But what to get for the 'social' who has everything? Break out the champy and rejoice! Here, our list of recommended essentials:

• Houseguest repellent spray (a.k.a. Nevan B Gone!)

• A facial expression besides Smug Permasmirk. (We suggest an "Uggggh, I Stopped Listening Ages Ago" Yawn followed by a perfectly-executed "Ewww! Don't Stand So Close, Someone Might Be Watching!" Glare.)

Butler's very own line of "DVF for Doggy" clothes.

• Touched-By-A-Hipster Kit (containing disinfectant spray/seat-liner/change of clothes/Mariah Carey CD). Perfect for those (rare) occasions when you're actually forced to slum it at a dirty downtown bar and/or fraternize with "Normies."

• An Olivia-inspired strappy sandal made by her old pal, Manolo Blahnik. We imagine the shoe will be a little stiff and uncomfortable, but absolutely beautiful to behold.

• Subway map, to be used ONLY in the event of a serious emergency (i.e. your driver has been deported and you have only 15 minutes to get to Bergdorf's before they give away your cut/color/blow-out appointment).

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