Why Anthony's Cooking Is His 'Road To Redemption'

Anthony's life hasn't been easy, but after his wake-up call from T.I., the 18 year-old (former) Crip decided to put his gangbanging days behind him -- and pursue a career as a chef. And while we like to think ALL the teens Tip touched will keep heading in the right direction, we're feeling especially good about this dad-to-be's odds. Here's a few reasons why:

1. He's got the Tip seal of approval. Food on tv usually looks less than appetizing, but even we wanted a piece of what Anthony was serving up! No surprise that T.I. (best reference ever??) turned around and complimented him on a job very well done.

2. He's already on his way. Anthony doesn't just have an idea of what he wants to do -- he already has his foot in the door. After teaming up with Tip, dude landed a job working as a sous-chef at one of L.A.'s top restaurants. Definitely a (big) step in the right direction.

3. He's not just doing it for himself. These days, Anthony's thinking for three, which means he's got triple the incentive to stay the course. Going forward, it's all about priorities. And with Anthony's girlfriend and son (or daughter!) cheering him on, he'll have all the motivation he needs.