MTB4 Video Recap: Get Your Double Dose Of Dawn Richard!

Did you know that this last episode of Detox was directed by David Lynch? It's true!* It even has a supporting cast of Dawn Richard from Making The Band 4 (hey, that show's on tonight's Detox recap!) and Miami electro-funksters LMFAO (and hey, one of their songs is featured in tonight's ABDC!).

LMFAO came by the set in their awesome pleathery goodness to share about their hard times growing up on the streets -- sounds like they could have used Fonzworth Bentley's help.... Dawn Richard was there to help me deal with some of the problems that occur with PWMTBS (Post-Watching Making the Band Syndrome), and what ensued was a labyrinth of dreams within dreams within dreams. It makes it so hard to share my experiences when I don't know whether I should be recording them in my Daily Journal or my Dream Journal (for my Dream Journal and musings on sleep visions, visit my Web site!).

Please join me for one of the most amazing and psychedelic episodes of Detox.

*It's not true.