If DK's Over, Should Diddy Still Stand By Aundrea And Dawn?

Although Dawn and Aundrea have said they're willing to do whatever it takes to keep DK going, Diddy told them tonight that he's not sure he wants to go down that road again. And while we get where he's coming from (he tried, they failed, it's over?), we're not sure it's right to punish the two remaining members of DK for the absence of the other three.

Is Diddy's taking his frustrations with the group out on Dawn and Drea by not promising to stand by them down the line? Or is he smart to hold off on making any big decisions till he has a better idea of what direction the group will take?

You tell us: Assuming Danity as we know it is over, what (if any) are Diddy's obligations to Aundrea and Dawn?