RW Poll: Is Sarah's Niceness Really Just An Act?

Sarah's always been our favorite Real Worlder. (We know, we know, we're supposed to like them all the same!) But she's always seemed so caring, compassionate and (comparatively) normal that we couldn't help but like her the best. Except in this week's episode, when she was actually none of those things.

True, we'd have probably punched JD in the face for demanding that we reassure him every five minutes/apologize for smirking at his chore chart, but somehow, we expected more from Sarah, (who restrained herself from attacking her overly needy roomie but could not resist repeatedly throwing up her arms and shouting "I DON'T CARE!").

Even more alarming? Ryan's insistence that THIS Sarah (and not the cutesy/helpful/gravelly-voiced art therapist we know and love) was semi-responsible for every melodrama, awkward stare and crazy coffee table-smackdown in Real World: Brooklyn history!

+ Think Sarah's just been putting on a "good girl" act for the cameras? Or is emotionally challenged Ryan just looking for somebody to blame? Take our poll and tell us how you REALLY feel!

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