Real World Video Recap: 'Roid Ragey JD Takes On Devyn The Sink-Clogger!

OMG, sooo tired! Spent all last night going buck wild at my place with the Real World: Brooklyn cast. Katelynn worked the stripper pole, JD showed everyone how to subdue a manic dolphin, and Ryan broke out the guitar and belted out some new material from his feminine hygiene product-related oeuvre. (Do I smell a concept album in the works?) Anyway, when I woke up, the gang had all peaced out back to Brooklyn. My place was trashed! Chet, you left like seventeen of your pink scarves over here, can I borrow one plz???

Thank God Tina and Babs helped me clean up, or I would have been SO embarrassed when Bow Wow dropped by. He's really cool, but a word to the wise: before you open your mouth, get your story straight, or Bow Wow will lay down the hurt.

Upon reflection, I can see what today was really about.

1) Keep your house parties under control, or you'll end up spending the next day picking Devyn's hair out of every corner of the house.

2) If you do let things get out of hand while partying, make sure you've got your besties around to help you tidy up the crib.

3) It never pays to lie to Bow Wow.