RW Poll: Boys Vs. Girls! Whose Side Are You On?

If tonight's Real World taught us anything, it's that boys are super-touchy about folks who leave hair in the sink, dishes on the counter and/or fail to swoon at the sight of a chore chart. And since the girls are more into group confessionals than all-night cleaning parties, Sarah, Baya, Devyn and Katelynn found themselves on the receiving end of a calm, orderly conversation table-smashing, phone-throwing smackdown.

True, Devyn could've been more tactful when she declined JD's offer to join the crazy/screaming match in the living room. But the boys didn't exatctly set the right tone by hiding the car keys, drowning the telephone or breaking the coffee table into a million teeny tiny pieces.

+ Think the guys came down too hard on their cleaning-impaired roomies? Take our poll and let us know whose side you're on!

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