VIDEO: RW Guys Say Sarah's True Colors Are Super Fug

Tempers flared on this week's Real World: Brooklyn, when tension between the boys and the girls finally reached its boiling point. And when the dust finally settled, Scott, Chet and Ryan still had plenty to say about how they were wronged.

While watching the episode for the first time at our office, they weighed in on everything from JD's super-cool chore chart, to Devyn's non-feminist approach to cleaning (apparently, taking out the trash is "a man's job!") and Katelynn's crazy kitchen rant (Ryan: "Why is she talking all, like, street ghetto? You're from Florida!") And in between defending JD's table-smash (what, he was feeling "frustrated"!), they had plenty of not-so-nice things to say about our girl Sarah.

Check out the latest installment of After World and hear why Ryan and the boys say this episode finally gave you a glimpse of Sarah's true colors.