VIDEO: Fonzworth Admits He Was 'Kinda Rough' On A Felon And A.D. (Ya Think??)

While Fonzworth Bentley isn't ready to invite any ex-members back into the Gentleman's Club, he IS willing to admit he came down pretty hard on A Felon and A.D. last night. (Sorry, JoJo, but showing up "wasted" to the Rhetoric Duel is apparently still clear grounds for dismissal.)

Still, despite all the drama, Fonz isn't looking to give anyone a tongue lashing. Check out his latest Swagger Assessment, and find out why the First Gent still has "high expectations" for A Felon and A.D., but thinks JoJo needs to work on his concentration.

+ After the jump, hear why JoJo needs to STAY FOCUSED. And stop mixing drinking and diction. And buy Fonzworth Bentley's book.