G's to Gents Poll: Who's The Next Chamillionaire?

We already know the Composed Gentlemen team won the G's to Gents Rhetoric Duel, but there were great rhymes on both sides of the battle. We compiled the best of the best and want to know who you think delivered the best non-profane, non-slang rap.

Teddy: "I'm a gentleman to the fullest / Just look at my attire / You've been rapping for a second / But your boy needs to retire."

Mito: "I truly know what you're about / And honestly, it's lame / You can thank your corniness / For every little bit of your fame."

Lank: "I am here for a change / I want to fix my life, I do not want fame / When it comes to struggle, we have all seen the same / And if you can relate, then please hear my pain."