Triple Elim Shocker! Fonz Kicks JoJo, A Felon And A.D. Outta The Gentleman's Club

Fonzworth Bentley wasn't so much a head gentleman as a referee on last night's episode of From G's to Gents. In addition to having to settle Macho/A Felon tongue-waggling feud, the Fonz also had to deal with a contestant who showed up visibly intoxicated to his Rhetoric Duel (a challenge in proper diction) .

Not surprisingly, JoJo failed miserably at the grammatically-themed rap challenge (Note to self: booze + slurring your words + cursing repeatedly = automatic diction DQ). But JoJo had another trick up his sleeve: He decided to black ball himself during the elimination ceremony. In the end, the plan backfired big-time, helping to seal his fate and get him kicked out of the club for good — along with fellow eliminees A Felon and A.D.

Yep, that's right: Not one, not two, but three G's were given the boot this week! Whoa, slow down, Bentley! If you keep eliminating the fellas at this rate, we're only going to have a couple more episodes left — and nobody (except for maybe the winner of that $100K prize) wants that.