G's To Gents Poll: Tongue Tied! Did Macho's Bullies Deserve To Leave The Clubhouse?

Last night, Fonzworth Bentley challenged the G's to a "rhetoric duel," a.k.a. a rap battle without any cursing or slang. (Yawn!) But the real battling began when Macho wagged his tongue at A Felon, who responded by turning the entire house against him (and accusing him of being gay), with a little help from his pal, A.D.

But that's when the tables started to turn. When confronted by Fonzworth, A.D. pinned the entire drama on A Felon (That's cold, bro!) and insisted he had no part in the fight whatsoever. But Bentley knew better and, in a semi-shocking move, he kicked both A Felon and A.D. out of the Gentleman's Club for turning the tongue-waggling incident into a housewide hatefest.

+ Think Fonz made the right move by sparing Macho and revoking A Felon and A.D.'s memberships? Take our poll and let us know whether Macho lucked out (he did get five black balls!) or A Felon and his boy got what they deserved.

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