Redemption Poll: Could Anthony Be The Next Big Food Network Star??

Congratulations to Anthony, for giving up a life of crime (and possibly imprisonment) for a much more promising career as a master chef. Now that he's had a little talking-to from T.I., we think this kid's got the talent, drive and personality to really get things cookin'.

After he's done learning the ropes as sous-chef, we wouldn't be surprised to see Anthony make his way onto the Food Network! (Fact: not only does he have TONS of interesting life experiences to relate, but his voice is WAY less annoying than Rachael Ray's.)

+ Would you tune in to see a gangbanger-turned-culinary-master spice up The House That Emeril Lagasse Built? Take our poll and let us know whether you'd wanna see Anthony slice and dice his way around the Food Network.