VIDEO: Are Whitney And Jay Breaking Up??

How do we sum up last night’s After Show in just one (hyphenated) word? Life-changing. Not only did we get to hear Whitney AND Erin sound off about Jay’s nausea-inducing run-in with his ex, but we got to see more gratuitous tushy shots from Miami (Thanks, Jessi and Dan!) AND peep exclusive footage from an upcoming City ep (Spoiler: Whit and Jay are totally breaking up! Maybe!).

First up: Whit evaluates her boyfriend’s trustworthiness (or lack therof) and admits his accent is totes incomprehensible! Hey, good thing she’s “not looking for the man of her dreams” right now …

Bonus: Hear Erin weigh in on Duncan, Adam face-sucking and the whole Jay sitch — plus get a sneak peek of Whit/Jay’s dramatic maybe-breakup after the jump!

Get a glimpse of what’s coming up on The City by watching this emotionally charged (and possibly relationship-ending) scene between Whitney and her main man, Jay.