ABDC's Beat Freaks Gettin' By With A Little Help From Their Friends

When the crews learned they'd be putting together their own songs for the Last Chance Challenge, Teresa of the Beat Freaks called in a favor from an old friend (and former Disney recording artist) Fannius, a.k.a. Fan 3. Her mission? Come up with an original rap song to get the Beat Freaks pumped up for their big performance. And Fannius wasn't taking her responsibilities lightly:

"They had a bunch of different particular words they wanted to get into a rap, so I came in to do that," Fannius told us at the studio. "I was so honored ... I'm such a huge fan of theirs!"

Mixing friends and business? Sounds like a risky move to us. Guess we'll have to wait til tonight's taping to find out whether this collab is a win-win ...