'Crews' Control! In ABDC Land, Is Style Just As Important As Performance?

We've seen plenty of ABDC wardrobe changes over the last three seasons -- from masked heroes to glow-in-the-dark overalls to booty shakin' hot pants! And as the top three crews prepare for this season's most important episode, we can't help but wonder how much the clothes into your decision.

Sure, good dancing is ALWAYS in fashion. But as we've seen, wearing the right (or wrong) thing on stage can definitely enhance -- or detract from -- a performance. (Case in point: Dynamic Edition's infamous White Chicks incident.)

+ Think the Fly Khicks have gotten a boost from their sexy/sparkling costumes? Or are the baggy pants-loving Beat Freaks proof that it's not what you wear but how you move? You tell us: When it comes to voting, have you been awarding/deducting any points for style?