The City Video Recap: What's Making Whitney Port Dry Heave?

Pack your thong and plenty of sunscreen, cuz Detox is heading to Miami! Yep, that’s right. In honor of The City’s desperate exciting change of scenery, me and the gang decided to follow Whitney Port’s crew to the land of South Beach. But not before taking a delicious photo shoot inspired by Allie’s edible sweater campaign. Seriously, what was with that male model biting her clothing constantly? That was about as sexy as a cheeseburger ... Am I right, Allie?

No guests stopped by the set tonight, mostly because we were out of town, but we’ve got HUGE things planned for later this week, including a semi-homemade visit from my favorite Food Network star. So catch up with the latest in City Detoxing and then make sure to watch allll week long. You won’t regret it!