A Stalker's Guide To College Humor: 6 Things Every SuperFan Should Know!

Sure, you've watched all three episodes of The CollegeHumor Show, read every post Sarah Schneider's ever written and written lengthy love poems detailing your obsession with Amir. But do you know everything there is to know about the CH cast? Below, the top 6 things everyone should know about Ricky and his sometimes-hilarious crew of underlings.

1. CH is comprised of more than 9 people. In real life, there are like 60 or so folks responsible for the site's unique blend of hot chick photos and boob jokes. Sez Ricky: "The other 50 people in the office hate us. I've had my lunch stolen 16 times." (Sarah's response? "In their defense, Ricky eats gold bars for lunch.")

2. They're not exactly raking in the dough. Sez the CH boss man: "We get paid in unsold DVD copies of MTV's Eric Clapton Unplugged."

3. They did not just fall ass-backwards into sketch comedy. "I majored in advertising," Jeff admits. "As far as I know, there's no college that offers Fart Joke studies so there isn't a very clear academic path to working here."

4. Shocker! The cast was not chosen based on acting ability and/or attractiveness. Instead, they were carefully vetted though a complex/highly selective screening process. "We basically took the crew from the office and said "'hey guess what, you're now on a TV show,'" Ricky clarifies.

5. Jimmy Fallon thinks they're hilarious! which could be a good or bad thing, depending on whether or not you think Jimmy Fallon is a no-talent hack.

6. Their lives haven't changed that much as a result of the show. (Sniff!) Jeff: "I get a few more Facebook friend requests but, you know, pretty much life is still empty."

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