Top 5 Reasons We Have A Giant Girl Crush On CH's Sarah Schneider

It ain't easy having a working uterus in an office full of boobie-obsessed nerd-boys. But we think CollegeHumor's Sarah Schneider is doing a damn fine job. Below, the top five reasons we're totally/psychotically obsessed with CH's token girl character leading lady.

• She's doesn't have an Ugly Betty complex about being a hot girl playing "the Not-Hot Girl."

• She's not afraid to talk smack. ('Member when that other chick accused her of stealing her drinks and she snapped "Well, I'm about to take a piss so if you want 'em, you can get 'em on their way out"?? AMAZING.)

• She's totally not above hair-pulling/face-clawing in a catfight.

• She knows how to attract/repel hot interns, (Marc Jacobs/Dan Gurewitch, respectively).

• She brings a whole new level of awesomeness to Freeze Tag.