How G's To Gents' Riff Raff Can Use His Star Power!

A mere six days have passed since Riff Raff was eliminated from the Gentlemen's Club on From G's to Gents, but don't be too worried about this pretty thug from Houston. We've got a few ideas for how he can keep busy between now and the reunion special. Here, a list of products Riff should totes consider endorsing:

+ ROYGBIV Lip Balm: Comes in every color of the rainbow!

+ Neon facial combs: For those pesky non-beards!

+ Hair beads: And if you order now, Riff Raff will throw in a free spool of multicolored hair yarn!

+ A "How to Enunciate" Instruction Manual: Because if there's one thing Riff's good at, it's pronouncing words in a way that is easy for others to understand. Except not at all.

Any other suggestions on what Riff Raff should endorse now that he's been kicked off the show? Let us know in the comments below!