Does Aubrey O'Day Need To STFU About Playboy Already?

Congratulations, Aubrey. You're on the cover of Playboy! A fact you've made very, very clear by (a) talking about it incessantly, (b) explaining how, really, taking your clothes off is just what the women's movement would've wanted! and (c) carrying the March issue of Playboy around in your purse and showing it off at fancy-shmancy Fashion Week events (see: above).

And while we're not denying that you look fierce (if not slightly chilly?) in those sizzlin' hot pics, we're thinking fashion snobs are generally more impressed by designer clothes (read: sickly expensive/borderline unwearable couture) than by glossy pictorials of people wearing nothing at all.

'Course, when Aubs wasn't whipping out her copy of Playboy (Dramatization: "Oh, this old thing? Weird! How did THAT get in here??") she was uber busy rockin' the runway, partying like a rock star, interviewing designer Christian Soriano and giving MTV's Newsroom blog the scoop on her brand-new clothing line.

Check out these totally SFW pics of Aubrey walking the runway for Richie Rich, and let us know whether you think it's time Aubrey stopped plugging her Playboy pics -- and started focusing more on her other ventures (like non-nude modeling!)