ABDC Ep. 6 Update: Battle Of The Sexes Challenge

As we explained yesterday, with two groups of each gender remaining in the contest, this week we've got a 'Battle of the Sexes' on our hands! However, the real challenge still lays solely on the shoulders of each crew. After all, only one of these guys will be kicked off at tomorrow night's taping. Here are the actual video challenges they'll have to nail in order to get the judges' approval:

Quest Crew - In the "Forever" video, Chris Brown shows off his smooth footwork, dancing the wiggle walk, a glide and a slide. Their challenge is to incorporate smooth moves and gliding in their performance.

Strikers All-Stars - In the Daddy Yankee video for "Pose," season one champs JabbaWockeeZ hit the dance floor with serious swagger. Strikers' challenge is to incorporate their best swagger like the Jabba's did, as well as attempt the uprocking and the groove.

Beat Freaks - In Katy Perry's video "Hot n Cold," Katy and her bridesmaids dance with bats to get back at their moody future husband. Beat Freaks' challenge this week is to incorporate the Louisville Slugger within the routine.

Fly Khicks - Growing up in Barbados, dancing was always a big part of Rihanna's life; in "Pon De Replay," she performed using many different styles, including belly dance and island dancehall. For Fly Khicks' challenge, they must incorporate the same type of moves within the routine.