Ikki Twins Exposed! Like, Completely

While the Ikki Twins' wardrobe selections on Double Shot didn't leave much to the imagination, it's good to hear their efforts at gaining more exposure worked successfully. Currently you can find Rikki and Vikki pillow fighting it up on the pages of Playboy magazine. Among the highlights of their interview include a confession made by both gals that hooking up with Rebekah was far more titillating than it was with Trevor:

"I really, really dug Rebekah for a long time,” Rikki said about the bartender from Seattle. “We connected more on a physical level. It’s really hard to keep your hands off her.” Vikki agreed that toward the end of the series, her own connection with Rebekah was the steamier one. “I will go down in books saying that she is the best kisser. We had such a hot last date. I was so horny. To watch that episode now is hard.”

Yeah, we know a few guys who found it hard as well.

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