VIDEO: Relive The #1 Most Shocking Moment From The D-Shot Reunion!

For those of you who missed the Double Shot at Love reunion last night, we have only two words: BIG mistake. Fortunately, we're feeling rather charitable (and self-congratulatory) tonight, so we've decided to give you a bullet point rundown of the shows craziest, shockingest moments, AND post a video of our fave Scotty contribution (not counting the amazing MTV-inspired 'do).

And the highlights/lowlights were ...

Faz's lame-o superhero outfit. Nothing says "Big mistake, Ikkis!" like showing up to the reunion show in purple tights.

• Finding out that Josh secretly kept a "How to Woo the Ikkis" diary, where he wrote down all his bestest bisexual twins pickup lines.

Ben's "Jackoff" montage. Or as we call it, "I Went On An MTV Reality Show And All I Got Were These Pervy Clips Of Myself And My Right Hand."

Nikki and James' bizarro catfight. (Thanks, MTV, for those helpful meowing/clawing sound effects. Really helped put things in perspective!) Which was, of course, precipated by ...

• James' "I Say Lots Of Offensive Things" montage! (Second only to Rosie's Potty Mouth montage and Nick's Overdramatic Crybaby montage).

• Hearing the host describe Scotty's journey as "immature party boy to guy that had a shot to just another loser."

• Staring at Scotty's faux-chinchilla coat.

• Hearing the host describing Rosie's mouth as being "like a sailor at a Tourrette's convention."

But far and aawy, our most favorite moment of all came when sad sack Nick tried to articulate his feelings for the Ikki twins through his muzak. (Spoiler: If you thought his karaoke was bad, wait'll you see this!) But trust us, it's SO worth watching 'til the end, if only to hear Scotty weigh in with his (ahem) "critique."

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