D-Shot Poll: Did Rikki Get Thrown Under The Bus??

As happy as we were to see Vikki and Trevor get their happy fairy tale ending, we couldn't help but feel for the twin who got shafted. Not only did poor, unlovable Rikki walk away from this whole experience empty-handed -- girl was forced to sit there on the post-show, fight back tears, and tell everyone how happy she was that the man she loved chose her twin sister instead!

And while we admire Rikki for trying to take the high road, we gotta admit: she's got a legitimate gripe. Below, a couple reasons why we think Rikki has a helluva right to be pissed.

1. Trevor TOLD HER HE LOVED HER. True, he didn't follow it by yelling "No takebacks!" but we were still sorta shocked when he did a complete 180 and told Rikki he was looking to "slow things down." Jeez, for someone who doesn't like to throw around the L-word, he sure used it again pretty quickly. On Rikki's sister.

2. Vikki was supposed to pick Rebekah. C'mon, we all knew it. Between the steamy between-the-sheets sessions and the lovey dovey talk about family, Vik did everything short of signing the adoption papers for Rebekah's four-year-old son.

3. Getting dumped sucks. Getting dumped on camera ... for your sister? Yeah, that sucks even harder. And the worst part is, Trevor and Vikki were so busy making out they didn't even notice Rikki til she stormed out, stormed back in, and stood three feet in front of them. Screaming her face off.

+ Think Rikki got the short end of the Double Shot at Love stick? Take our poll and let us know whether you guys think Trevor broke the unwritten rule of bediquette: Thou Shalt Not Tell An Ikki You Love Her, Then Dump Her In The Season Finale.