VIDEO: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Bisexual Twins

The Double Shot at Love finale could only mean one thing: time to bring back my asexual twin, Tim! His schedule was free, luckily, since he recently got laid off at the dog grooming spa. (This economy sucks more than an Ikki in Vegas!) Double-bonus: He kidnapped Tim Kash's dog, Eva, and brought her to the set. What a cutie! Her twin sis, Deva, was a little dramatic, however. Long story...

We're all sad to see The Ikki Twins leave the channel. We had a blast recapping their sexcapades. And how on earth is MTV ever gonna top bisexual identical twins? Lesbian moms and daughters? Nymphomaniac amputees? The Beastiality Brothers? There's no way!

So spend a few extra minutes with Vikki and Rikki and toast to the happy times during tonight's D-Shot Detox!