Interrogation Time! Was Brody Jenner's Mom Searching For Truth ... Or Validation?

The truth hurts -- and so does getting asked about your porn preferences on national TV. Fortunately, Chris F., Femi and Luke came out (mostly) unscathed after being hooked up to a lie detector test and grilled by Brody's mom, Linda Thompson.

And while we had to give Linda props for some of her more imaginative questions (i.e. "Do you think you'll have any fantasies about me once you get out of this room?"), it seemed like a disproportionate number of her inquiries centered around ... herself.

+ Think Brody's mommy was just trying to make the guys uncomfortable while she screened them? Or was she secretly fishing for compliments? Either way, here's a couple of questions we think Linda "forgot" to ask.

• On a scale from 1-10, how attractive am I? (Remember: your answer can -- and will -- be used against you.)

• Are you aware that I am a former Miss Tennessee?

• At this very moment, are you more concerned with winning Brody's friendship -- or seeing what I look like in a bikini? Be honest.

• As you (undoubtedly) know, my life was the basis for the 1981 TV movie classic, Elvis and the Beauty Queen. If they were to do a remake today, which hard-bodied Hollywood starlet should play me and why?

• "MILF" is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Please explain what it means to you, in 50 words or less. Feel free to use me in your answer.

• Have you ever thought about dating an older woman? Are you thinking about it right now?

Anything else Brody's mom left out? Tell us what YOU think she should've asked the final three guys to help Brody narrow it down.